The basement is probably the room in your home that desperately needs an inspection. Chances are high that the most damaging elements you can find in a residence are hiding in your basement. Pests and mold, for instance, are ruinous to not only your home but also to you and your family’s health. On Point Home Inspection is your complete home solution. Attik inspection, basement inspection,door and window inspection door and window inspection milwaukee and more Learn more here.

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To make matters worse, basement moisture may indicate other, more serious problems with your house. For example, poor drainage, plumbing problems, or ineffective gutters can all lead to moisture in your basement. As a homeowner, you might only notice the stains on the walls or a musty smell. As trained inspectors, we can determine the underlying cause of the problem, allowing us to resolve your headache. If you’re looking for the best home inspection in milwaukee WI,  Onpoint Home Inspections are the top home inspector in milwaukee, WI Learn more about