You take between 17,00 and 23,000 breaths each day, on average. Considering you spend so many hours of the day inside, you’re probably breathing a lot of indoor air. Thanks to ventilation systems, air filters, and houseplants, you’re rarely ever troubled by the air you breathe at home. Unfortunately, you should be a bit worried. 

Although these renovations have improved your air quality, you are still exposed to several home health hazards. Hazards that float around your house and may get into your lungs and stay there permanently. Radon gas is one of the most prevalent home health hazards. Information can be found here.

What is Radon Gas?

Radon is a radioactive gas, created by decaying uranium. This radioactive gas is odorless and colorless, and cannot be tasted or smelt. It is found in soils as well as in the air we breathe every day. The properties of your home make it difficult to detect radon gas – unless you use a professional radon testing device. 

Radon causes lung cancer when it gets into your house and stays there. It is estimated that radon gas is responsible for approximately 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year, as the Environmental Protection Agency reports.

Radon can crawl into your living space through:

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