You know what they say about first impressions? Imagine yourself in a home with a gorgeous interior, yet the exteriors look neglected and worn out? Here at On Point Home Inspections, we encourage our clients to give the exteriors as much attention as they give to the interiors.

Porches and decks are important components of your home’s exterior. This is where you go to unwind and relax during good weather. A well-constructed porch can withstand significant weight. If poorly maintained, they run the risk of collapse. Our porch and deck inspections are included within the home inspection. Learn more here.

Contemporary Porch and Deck Inspections for Older Homes

The laws that govern construction in Milwaukee continue to change and this is why newer homes have less to worry about when it comes to Poor construction and irregularities that might eventually lead to porches and decks collapsing. Where does this leave older homes?

It is surprising to find out that a ten-year-old house is still considered old due to the new construction laws.

We stay updated with new building practices and do our best to apply them to older homes. When we visit, we know exactly what to look for during the inspection.

In a typical porch and deck inspection, we look for:

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