The Milwaukee County Zoo is a zoo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, operated by the Milwaukee County Parks Commission. The zoo houses 1,800 animals and covers an area of 190 acres. It is noted for the second birth of polar bears and siamangs in captivity and for their locally famous gorilla Samson, who lived from 1950 to 1981 and whose bones are now on display at the Milwaukee Public Museum. During World War II, a celebrity animal of the zoo was Gertie the Duck and her ducklings. The zoo is also home to one of the largest group of bonobos in one location outside their native Democratic Republic of the Congo and has two cheetahs from the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Wikipedia Information can be found here.

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Even if they might not necessarily destroy your home, they might make it look and smell unpleasant. This smell is commonly known as ”musty” and is often accompanied by spider-like growths and tiny black specks, resulting from mold marrying your basement walls. Spider-like growth is often slippery and risky especially if it grows on damp stairs.  On Point Home Inspection is your complete home solution. Attik inspection, basement inspection,door and window inspection door and window inspection milwaukee and more Follow Our Driving Direction 518 S Hawley Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53214 To Onpoint Home Inspections See here for information about Spend your weekend in  Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory 

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To survive, mold needs to eat something. It will happily chew away from your home if you allow it, eventually ruining your drywall, carpet, or wallpaper. This case, however, is rare, and most molds satisfy themselves with the dust that gathers in moist basement areas.  If you’re looking for the best home inspection in milwaukee WI,  Onpoint Home Inspections are the top home inspector in milwaukee, WI