Siding Inspections

Need Reliable Siding Inspections Services?

Besides adorning your home with a neat and attractive finish, siding on a house serves a distinct yet irreplaceable role. The siding is built to offer protection to the exteriors of your house. Protection from rainwater, dirt, and dust dripping down from the roof, not mentioning numerous other external factors. Looking for reliable siding inspection in Milwaukee? Our exterior home inspection service is designed to focus most on your siding.

We make sure that your siding is secure enough to effectively do its job. We encourage all property owners to frequently check on their siding and trim to avoid issues such as insect infestations, animal invasions, and water damage. By rooting out such issues early, you can procure the necessary repairs and avoid incurring huge losses and damages on your property. Want to learn more about our home inspection services? Read on.

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Siding Inspection Services for Any Siding Type

Our intricate siding inspections are designed to cover all aspects of your siding. This including the gutters, trim, and the roof which if faulty will indeed compromise the effectiveness of well-built siding. While on the line of duty, we realize that when major areas of the home close to the siding have defects, then slowly but surely, those defects will catch up to the siding. Ultimately this leads to the property owner having to procure major reconstruction or renovations to repair the damage.

To avoid all the inconvenience, we are very thorough in our inspections looking keenly to root out even the smallest of issues. Don’t know what type of siding is installed at your house? Worry not! Whichever siding you have, trust that we can inspect it professionally.

Examples of the siding types we inspect include;

  • Brick siding
  • Wood siding
  • Composite siding
  • Vinyl siding
  • Metal siding

Different homeowners prefer varying siding materials owing to the set of benefits it brings to the table. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect your siding and forget all about routine maintenance. Harsh weather, unforeseen accidents, and neglect are the main culprits behind siding damage. 

Our home siding inspectors are highly skilled, enough to effectively inspect any type of siding. They know just how and where to find weaknesses and faults. Call us now for comprehensive siding home inspection.

Reasons Why Your Home Needs Siding Inspection Services

You may wonder when or how to tell that your home needs siding inspection. No need to wait until the entire home is falling apart to finally give us a call. Here are some reasons why you should reach out for professional inspections.

Older homes are generally built very well. However, they are still subject to deterioration. This especially in delicate and exposed areas such as the siding. So to stay on the safer side and to avoid having to install new siding, it is always advisable to have your siding inspected before you or the new tenant moves in. 

Not that older homes have siding made from outdated materials which while effective, may deteriorate over time and expose your walls to water damage. On Point Home Inspectors have plenty of experience working on older homes and can offer plenty of insight on how to maintain your siding for enhanced durability.

Our siding inspection services are designed for existing homeowners, new homeowners looking to purchase a new property, or property managers looking to lease or rent out a property. Should any of the said properties look weak and faulty, it’s a good indicator that the construction work was poor. 

If reports show that the house is fairly new yet appears worn out even with proper maintenance, this could point towards a bad work ethic. It’s common to hear of construction workers delivering shoddy results either in a hurry to finish the project and move on to the next one. 

You often find that in such cases, focus areas such as the siding are installed shoddy. Without proper siding inspection services, you would end up purchasing a home that has siding leaks. 

Typically, house wrap is a water-resistant protective material that should be installed over the house frame but underneath the siding. Its absence means that your house is left bare and vulnerable to damaging external factors. 

It is only a few years ago that it became mandatory by law to build homes with house wrap. So where does that leave the thousands upon thousands of properties that were built before the new laws? It’s easy to tell whether or not your property has house wrap. 

If it does, then you can wait until your next scheduled maintenance to have us inspect the siding.