Roof Inspection

Why should House Owners perform roofing inspections?

Poor maintenance or harsh weather conditions can eventually cause your roof to develop faults over time. You can then have to spend a considerable amount of money repairing the roof, which ends up being too expensive in the long run. That’s why scheduled inspections ought to be a priority.

Our home inspectors can help identify weaknesses in the structure of your roof. We help you resolve minor problems before they develop into major issues such as water damage, leakages, and cracks.

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Chimney Inspection

Along with your roof, we can also inspect your home’s chimneys. Having a faulty chimney can cause various problems in your home. A blockage can prevent proper ventilation, forcing smoke to enter your house. This might bring breathing complications, and you might have smoke stains on your ceiling and walls.

If you’re not aware, the damage in your chimney can be caused by various things. Animals are notorious for building nests in chimneys, meaning they might ruin their interior. Freezing ice, too, can damage the masonry, allowing water to get in there.

Our certified professionals have the tools to find any chimney damage and problems. 

Shingles Inspection

Your home’s shingles insulate your home, help take water to the gutter to prevent moisture from ruining your walls, and boost your home’s outward appeal. By properly checking for any damage to the shingles, we can know whether or not your entire roof is in good condition.

A loose shingle can be generally harmless. But sometimes, a missing shingle can be cause for alarm, indicating there are more serious roof problems.

Some of the warning signs on roof shingles include:

  • Cupping
  • Fractures
  • Curling
  • Raised staples
  • Loss of granules
  • Thermal splitting
Wisconsin weather can be a major threat to proper roofing. Sometimes snow can get in-between shingles, causing water damage to your home. And as water freezes, it expands, causing your shingles to get displaced. When shingles continue to get damaged, your home may end up getting exposed to damaging elements. We’ll help ensure your roof remains in top shape before the winter season kicks in.

Benefits of our roofing inspections

Knowing when it is time to repair or replace your entire roof can be a problem for many homeowners. Without expert knowledge, you cannot properly diagnose your roof problem, and you may end up making the wrong choice causing unnecessary expenditures in the future.

We provide information to help Milwaukee homeowners make informed decisions about their roofing systems. 

Climbing a ladder to reach the top of your house comes with some huge risks. One of them is the chance of injury, because you can fall off the roof easily if you don’t know what you’re doing, resulting in life-threatening injuries. Our inspectors inspect your roof with appropriate equipment and tools. We aim to do our job safely.

Detecting minor roofing problems that can develop into huge repairs requires a trained eye. A trained professional inspect your roof’s exterior and interior, looking for any of the following signs:

  • Mold
  • Poor flashing
  • Structural problems
  • Deteriorated shingles
  • Downspout concerns

The experience we’ve gotten helping homeowners in Wisconsin enables us to diagnose roofing problem within no time.

Inspections help your roof last for a long time and satisfy your warranty requirements. While it’s not possible for a roof to have a lifespan of eternity, you can take some precautions to prolong its lifespan. By ensuring it has adequate ventilation, replacing its damage shingles, and identifying any hidden leaks, we can help slow down its deterioration. With our regular inspections, your roof can last for many years, without needing a replacement.

We care about your money, that’s why we advocate for prevention rather than complete roof replacements. Scheduling a home inspection can help you avoid paying for an expensive replacement down the road. By getting your roof checked, you’re not only protecting your roof and ensuring it’s well-maintained, but you’re also making a wise investment that’ll ultimately saves you money. 

Hiring poorly-trained roofers can cost you not only your money but also your time. You shouldn’t just trust anyone with your roof – repairing or inspecting roofs requires expertise and experience. By giving the job to an untrained professional, you risk having to redo their work after some time, getting more unnecessary repairs, or worse, getting another roofer to replace your roof. 

You can trust us, having a proven track-record, to do what’s best for your home.