Radon Testing

Why You Should Care About Radon?

You take between 17,00 and 23,000 breaths each day, on average. Considering you spend so many hours of the day inside, you’re probably breathing a lot of indoor air. Thanks to ventilation systems, air filters, and houseplants, you’re rarely ever troubled by the air you breathe at home. Unfortunately, you should be a bit worried. 

Although these renovations have improved your air quality, you are still exposed to several home health hazards. Hazards that float around your house and may get into your lungs and stay there permanently. Radon gas is one of the most prevalent home health hazards.

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What is Radon Gas?

Radon is a radioactive gas, created by decaying uranium. This radioactive gas is odorless and colorless, and cannot be tasted or smelt. It is found in soils as well as in the air we breathe every day. The properties of your home make it difficult to detect radon gas – unless you use a professional radon testing device. 

Radon causes lung cancer when it gets into your house and stays there. It is estimated that radon gas is responsible for approximately 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year, as the Environmental Protection Agency reports.

Radon can crawl into your living space through:

  • Cracks in walls
  • Cavities in walls
  • Gaps in service pipes
  • Construction joints

Surprisingly, radon levels can vary significantly within a neighborhood. Even if your neighbor does radon testing, you need to do one as well, as levels can vary widely. According to the EPA, no house is immune from radon gas invasion.

Getting a radon test performed at your residence means taking a step toward a healthy environment, free from health hazards. Our testing specialists can perform a test in a simple, disruption-free fashion.

Why Should You Perform a Radon Test?

Radon exposure can harm children even more in comparison to adults. Since a child’s body is still developing they may be exposed to airborne particles from radon which may damage their lungs’ DNA tissue permanently. The exposure can harm the cells, eventually causing them to form cancer cells.

You can book an appointment with us if you have any children around the house so we can verify the safety of your home.

Before you put your home on the market, you should know that some buyers may require you to provide documents on the home’s radon levels. If the documents are not sufficient, you may have to undergo several inspections until the radon level is deemed acceptable. Getting a professional to evaluate the radon levels regularly will reduce the chances of having to contract with multiple testing services, thus reducing the need to spend hundreds of dollars on testing over the course of time.

When selling your home, a functioning mitigation system can increase its value and help you avoid any tedious negotiations over costs associated with installation.

By getting a test done and installing a mitigation system, you can help improve the circulation of dried air. Fan-based systems help remove the moisture from the soil under your house. A properly-installed system can draw as much as 3 liters of water, every hour, from under your basement.

With decreased levels of humidity, you’ll use a dehumidifier less frequently, if you ever need it at all. Also, HVAC systems don’t have to run as much any longer. As a result of less demand for air conditioners, electric bills go down. And an even better benefit, the environment becomes healthier due to decreased emissions.

The most important benefit of getting a radon test is the peace of mind it offers you. You can’t smell, see, or taste the radioactive gas and its symptoms are difficult to identify, even by professional doctors. The only way to prove that you are not exposed to too much radon gas is by conducting a radon gas test.

Hire us today to check your radon levels, so you can get some peace of mind. Eliminate any worries of radon health effects by getting an inspection.

Several conditions can affect a test’s results. Using effective and reliable equipment is very important. Our team uses special gas detectors that check for radon by counting the emissions of alpha particles. We use such specialized tools to ensure you’re getting error-free results, so you can avoid paying for other verification tests. 

Keeping your detectors in the right location for a long period of time is recommended, especially between two to three weeks. While other laboratories might require you to wait for a long time for your results, we guarantee you quick results with real-time alpha detectors within 48 hours.

To ensure we get the most accurate results, we decide on an ideal location to place the detectors. This is usually the lowest livable room in your home. It may be your basement or ground floor.

Upon receiving the readings from the test labs, our inspectors will begin analyzing them. Once they determine that the levels exceed the Action Level, our inspectors will suggest mitigation alternatives that can reduce these levels.

You can easily remove excessive radon from your residence by installing an ASD system that has been certified by a mitigation professional. In addition to removing excessive radioactive gas, Our inspectors can provide expert advice to help ensure the integrity of your home and make it safer for you and your family.