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Homeowners across all Milwaukee cities, include, Greenfield, Oak Creek or Glendale, can enlist the help of our home inspection company. We even service smaller towns like Greendale, Brown Deer, Hales Corners, and Fox Point.

Get an affordable, thorough home inspection from us if you’re a resident of these cities or towns. Our licensed inspectors will consult with you shortly, so you can determine if necessary repairs need to be made.

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Occasionally, when inspecting area homes, we may find some unconventional construction on a home. In such cases, checking with the town’s municipality may be a great idea – we get to know whether the constructors may have pulled a permit. If the paperwork is missing, then the home may be unsafe to live in. 

That said, not every construction project needs a permit. Local building codes determine whether or not you should get a permit for your building. Every municipality abides by a different code, which dictates the permitting requirements. Mostly, you’ll find that codes are a reflection of a town’s issues. 

Areas where forest fires are common, for instance, may have building codes focusing on fireproofing requirements. Milwaukee’s first building regulations stressed the risk of fire. These codes help keep you safe from the problems plaguing a city or town; that’s why you should always hire contractors who follow building codes. 

If your project involves you changing your home’s structure, then you should ensure you pull a permit. Also, if you find out it may cause some unsafe working conditions, then it’s best to prevent any damaging consequences by getting the right paperwork. Here are a few situations where a permit is necessary. If you’re:

  • Removing your home’s walls
  • Converting a room to serve a different purpose (a kitchen to a store)
  • Change your building’s piping
  • Re-roofing your building
  • Demolishing some parts of your home

Home Inspection Services

Our experienced team of professionals is committed to every job we take on. They don’t just inspect your home in a hurry, hoping to cover as much ground as possible. They take every inspection seriously, ensuring they’ve checked out every important part of your home.

Our home inspections cover among others:

We examine the integrity of your roof. We try to find out its possible lifespan or whether it may require a replacement.

When checking your basement, we always aim to see if your home’s base is performing well structurally. We try to find out if it needs any modifications and if it’s performing its function sufficiently.

Guided by several years of experience, our veteran inspectors know what to look for in your siding to determine if it’s functioning properly. Generally, we check for any weather damage, traces of any burrowing insects, damage from any impact, and cracks in your property’s foundation.

We know that whether a gutter is effective or not depends largely on its quality of the installation. We try to check if there are damages due to harsh weather or if there are signs of it being clogged. By identifying these problems, we can help you save so much money in the future. The cost of installing a new system can take you back hundreds of dollars.

Inspecting an electric panel on your own may pose danger to not only your safety but also your home’s safety. That’s why you should leave the electric inspection job to professionals like us.

Our inspection can’t be complete if we don’t investigate for any problems in your plumbing. This examination often involves looking for issues anywhere water is running through your property – areas such as toilets, lines, and sinks.

We know the damaging effects mold can have on your home. That’s why we always aim to find all the mold-infested areas in your home before we complete our inspection. We may ask you if you’ve noticed any places with mold, moisture issues, and water damage. We’ll then check your property thoroughly, focusing on places where mold is likely to grow. If we find mold as a substance, we will recommend further mold testing.