Gutter Inspection

Why You Should Take Care Of Your Gutters

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about the condition of your gutters regularly. The gutter is, naturally, forgotten until home’s get heavy leaks. This shouldn’t be the case, though. 

Your gutter is an important part of your home and should be properly cared for to stay in top shape. It’s recommended that gutters should get inspections and be washed regulary. When you take good care of it, you’ll be able to discover some underlying minor problems, and fix them before they grow into major headaches. 

We have been inspecting gutters to Milwaukee homeowners and surrounding suburbs for years. We take pride in offering gutter inspections that protect your property and provide you with value.

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Preventing water infiltration problems

Gutters help drive away rainwater from homes. When the water-removal system fails to work properly, you might be faced with a lot of moisture issues. Being a homeowner, you’ll have to deal with runoff problems – we’ll check if your gutters are installed properly, to ensure that they’re in a better condition to fight melted snow. 

The weather in Wisconsin can bring about a few difficulties. Heavy rains during the spring can damage your roof, and ice during the winter, too. Moving into a new house in the fall season, you might not be aware you have clogged gutters, at least until snowfall comes. A clogged gutter can be ruinous, as it causes water to overflow, defeating the need of even having a gutter anyway. 

Thanks to our thorough inspections, you can know whether you have any clogging problems to avoid being stuck with a leaky gutter that accumulates debris. 

Gutter Leaks

A benefit of getting regular checks is that you’ll be having leak-free gutters. Seams with weak sealants can be prone to leaks. Damaged paint may cause the metal to get exposed, potentially causing it to corrode and making it more vulnerable to costly leaks. You can prevent both cases by simply scheduling an inspection. 

  • Sagging Gutters

Apart from overflowing water, you’re exposing yourself to more problems when you let leaves and dirt accumulate in your gutter. A sagging gutter is one of those problems. By being clogged up, your gutter gets additional weight that causes it to sag. 

  • Gardens in your gutter

A combination of seeds, dirt, and animal droppings can develop into plants after some time. If your home gets enough sunlight and a lot of rain, then you might have to live with a garden in your gutter, without making any planting efforts. 

While this might seem like a harmless problem, it might actually be a costly one to your home. This type of vegetation causes your gutter to sag, causing the joints to separate and clog.

Getting an inspection can help you know if your gutter might get this problem in the future or preventing it from happening entirely. 

After our inspection, you will learn:

A gutter examination can help you learn a variety of things about your home. Apart from the condition of your gutters you also get to know the weaknesses in your rooflines and eaves. With our expertise you’ll learn:

  • Was the gutter installed properly?
  • Do you have any leaks?
  • Is the gutter pulling away from your building?
  • Is the sealant right for your gutter?