Garage Inspection

Why Should You Perform A Garage Inspection?

Even if your home is equipped with bullet-proof security systems, faulty garage doors and windows can compromise your safety. Ninety percent of all homes in Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs either have an attached or a detached garage. When planning to sell or buy a property, top among the list of things you have to investigate is the state of the garage.

In the real estate industry, it is widely known that a well-built, updated and secure garage can significantly improve the value of the entire property. This implies that if you are a buyer and find the perfect house but the garage looks in bad shape, you may have to pass on the purchase or opt for another option.

Our main goal is to assist you in selling your property fast.

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Why You Need Garage Inspections?

Your garage is as much an integral part of your home as it is, for example, your living room. During major home renovations or home inspections, many homeowners fail to provide adequate attention to their garage.

An attached garage is the number one target for thieves, pests, and animals looking to gain unauthorized access to your home. What’s more, faulty power outlets in garages have been reported to cause a significant number of fires in residential areas.

See why you should get your garage regularly inspected?

I always recommend getting your garage inspected by certified professionals whenever you are planning to request for home inspection services. Our garage inspection service undertakes thorough inspections that cover all aspects of your garage, including the windows, hinges, electricals and the plumbing systems among other areas.

We offer two types of inspection, one specifically designed for attached garages and another tailored to suit unattached garages.

  • Detached Garages

While detached garages may not require as much attention as detached garages, it is always wise to maintain your garage in great condition. Here, we will check to make sure that the security measures such as locks and hinges are functioning properly.

  • Attached Garages

We focus on the effectiveness of the doors and windows, regardless of whether they are fully automated or manually operated. We can provide you with a comprehensive report of potential issues.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to buy a property that requires expensive repairs. Whether it is used as storage, extra guest space, or even a storage area for their car, potential buyers are always delighted to know that the garage can be used immediately upon moving into the home.

We provide comprehensive garage inspections to ensure that your garage security remains tight in the face of floods or storms. This is besides making sure that it is in tip top shape.