Foundation Inspection

Professional Foundation Inspection Milwaukee

You need to know your home well enough and be aware of both the seen and unseen parts of your living space. Unfortunately, most homeowners are only concerned about what they can see. This often means you mainly observe the windows, walls, or siding, at the expense of your home’s foundation.

Ignoring the foundation can have devastating effects on your home, as it’s arguably the most important part of your property. You should schedule regular foundation inspections, even if you are not experiencing settlement problems. Doing so will enable you to avoid needing to deal with large-scale repairs in the future.

You can trust us with your property’s foundation. We have the expertise necessary to determine if your crawlspace is structurally safe. We have served residents of Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs for several years; they can attest to our professionalism and experience. 

Even though construction varies with different foundations, factors we look at are generally the same. They include:

  • Does your foundation perform its function properly?
  • Does your crawlspace or basement require any repairs?

While these defects are not guaranteed to be long-term problems, they may indicate future problems if left unchecked.

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Poor Waterproofing

As a inspector I’ll make sure that your foundation is waterproofed properly, checking how waterproofing membranes, bituminous material, or cement have been applied in parts where water is most likely to infiltrate. We’ll also see if there are any signs of water disturbance or any other evidence of failed waterproofing.


I will scan your foundation structure, checking for signs your foundation has moved. These signs include buckles in carpeting and cracks in your wallboard, ceiling, or exterior masonry. As a inspectors I will determine if these abnormalities should be taken seriously or not. 

For instance, the majority of cracks are caused by vibrations near the house and soil settling. We can assess the cracks to determine whether they are typical cracks that can be easily repaired and pose no threat to your safety. It is recommended though that you observe your foundations’ cracks even before or after inspections. If you see that they are multiplying rapidly, then you should hire a professional.

Substandard Venting

As an inspector I always ensure there’s proper venting in your foundation’s walls – I verify whether the right type of vents is used, the number of vents is enough, and the spacing is adequate. A lot of attention goes into examining vents as they help in proper foundation function. 

By way of cross ventilation, they allow moisture to leave your home, preventing it from accumulating. This moisture often causes various headaches in your home, as it breeds a smelly mold that eats away your building. 

Checking for ventilation is, therefore, an essential process in any foundation inspections, helping you avoid the property destruction and health hazards that come with excess moisture.