Door and Window Inspection

Why Should You Perform A Door And Window Inspection

Moving into your new home feels fantastic. However it must come with a high level of vigilance. This comes with realizing that you must change all your locks and probably the security system. You don’t want to leave for work only to return home to find the old neighbor helping themselves to a treat from your pantry or worse ransacking your bedroom, do you? Restricting access to your home is your first and most crucial security measure. Plus you enjoy unwavering peace of mind when you are sure that you are the only one with unmonitored access to your home.  Onpoint Home Inspections offers expert door and window inspections to ascertain that your security at home is not compromised. While changing the locks is a step towards the right direction, a weak window frame is as much of a risk as leaving your door unlocked when you’re away.

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Exterior and Interior Inspections

The set rules and regulations in Milwaukee are quite liberal when it comes to home inspections. If you have the doors and windows in your home inspected regularly, then you are safe. But is that sufficient? In order to make sure that you aren’t taking any unnecessary risks, it would be best to have a proper door and window inspection from a certified and licensed company like us.

To cover all our bases, we check both the accessible exterior and interior windows and doors throughout your property. Our goal is to make sure that your windows and doors function properly and are secure enough. 

Poor installation and construction leaves your home vulnerable. Even brand new homes possess hidden defects and flaws if you opted for an inexperienced builder while looking to save some money.

Some of the irregularities we frequently find during door and window inspections include:

  • Missing flashing
  • Broken sash
  • Misaligned lock and latch
  • Warped frame
  • Broken or cracked glass
  • Outdated/worn out weather-stripping
  • Rusted, loose, or squeaky hinges
  • Rotted wood

Some of these items may seem completely innocuous, but to the trained eye, they are obvious. We examine every part of your home in order to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are protected from the elements, pests, animals, and burglars.

Why Choose Us?

Due to the fact that there are several firms that offer inspection services, you may be wondering how we differ from the others. Here are some of the key characteristics that separate us from the rest.

In the first place, our prices are extremely competitive. Second, when we are able to find problems with your doors and windows. It should be account, we notify you of probable damage such as water or pests. A few repairs can suffice rather than having to buy a brand-new door or window.

Safety has to do with ensuring monitored access to your property. But you realize a different perspective when you think about how dangerous it is to lock yourself in a room without anyone nearby to let you out. Ignoring the fact that there may also be insufficient ventilation in the room.

When such problems are identified early enough, you can arrange for repairs or installations and avoid having to mitigate serious risks to you or your loved ones.

In addition to our extensive portfolio and renowned reputation across Milwaukee and the surrounding suburbs, there is no doubt when it comes to the quality of work we provide, so we also guarantee our clients a full report on the state of their home including the doors and windows. This is why we are eager to go the extra mile and point you to the best people who can handle these issues. You will find the entire process with us quick, seamless, and above all professional.