Your home has so many active structural forces at any given time, forcing several materials to respond accordingly. Stone basements may display some cracks that may be a result of occasional environmental stress. After inspecting your home, I may advise you to seek a structural engineer or a qualified foundation specialist, depending on the type of crack your basement is displaying. Your home may be having some defects that signify serious foundational problems. Learn information about Milwaukee, WI here.

However, we often discover aesthetic cracks that do not destroy walls. For example, angular cracks that mostly occur in brick walls above foundations typically appear after a significant weather change. These superficial cracks are usually not severe enough to ruin your basement. If you’re looking for the best home inspection in milwaukee WI,  Onpoint Home Inspections are the top home inspector in milwaukee, WI. On Point Home Inspection is your complete home solution. Attik inspection, basement inspection,door and window inspection door and window inspection milwaukee and more Discover facts about Why You Should Take Care Of Your Basement