Attic Inspection

Why You Should Take Care Of Your Attic

The attic is one of the areas in your home that gets neglected when it comes to home care and maintenance. In fact, many homeowners only remember that they have an attic when they need to store something or when something is wrong. Your attic may look like another empty space, but a closer look will reveal whether there are hidden issues within your home that need attention.

Regular attic inspections are indeed crucial in ensuring the overall well-being of your home.

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When to Call Us

If you are not trained to perform home attic inspections, you should not attempt to do so yourself. However, you can make an effort to determine whether or not you need to call us.

When should you call us?

In order to stay ahead of future problems we recommend having your attic inspected. Some of the signs to check for between inspections are evidence of black mold, water stains, loose exhaust fans, and so on. Should you notice such irregularities, please notify us immediately to determine whether or not there is indeed a problem that should be addressed immediately.

Consider us whenever you are planning to buy or sell a property. A faulty attic could either prevent you from making a huge mistake when purchasing a property or cause you to lose potential buyers when selling a home.

Our Detailed Attic Inspection Checklist

One of the most common questions we receive from clients is ‘what does an attic inspection cover?’ To answer your question, here is a list of some of the major points we examine during the attic inspection.

  • Leaks – If left unchecked, leaks can be incredibly destructive. Here, we check for water stains and mold which points towards an existing leak.
  • Ventilation – rusted nails, condensation of moisture, and mold are all signs of poor ventilation
  • Pests– wood chippings, tunnels in the wood, droppings, debris like leaves, nests, and damaged insulation all point towards the existence of pests
  • Insulation – there are no two ways about this, insulation should never appear damaged. It should always be complete. Otherwise, it needs quick repair.
  • Vent stacks and exhaust ducts-the vent stacks and exhaust ducts systems need to appear complete and continue smoothly from inside the roof and outside.

Why you should have your attic inspected by a professional

Attic inspections are designed to examine your home’s roofing system closely with a fine-tooth comb. During a typical inspection, we will review your insulation, ventilation, and overall structure. You need thorough professional home attic inspections because:

When there are problems with the ventilation system in your attic, the HVAC system has to work overtime, thereby driving up heating and cooling costs. By having your attic inspected regularly, you can decrease energy costs and keep your home healthy.

Lack of proper ventilation combined with poor venting makes your attic retain moisture, rather than releasing it to the outside. This makes your attic an ideal breeding ground for mold. Our home attic inspections ensure you never have to worry about mold or moisture in your attic.

Once I have finished inspecting your attic, you will get an in-depth report detailing which vents should be replaced and which ones are working properly. You can then plan for a specialist to address the problem, ensuring that you and your family are breathing clean air while indoors.

To a trained eye, it’s easy to spot signs of a negative home history. For example, if the rafters are painted or if there is sooty or black stained wood, it could indicate that there has been a fire at the home.

Wood shavings and chippings can reveal the presence of destructive pests as well.

Whenever you identify attic problems early, you have a good chance of avoiding costly repairs for your home. Most people prefer performing their own attic inspections in their own homes. But how can you do a good job if you don’t even know what to look for? Contact us for professional home attic inspections at competitive rates.