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Onpoint Home Inspections

is a fully licensed and nationally certified company that has become the go-to professionals for people looking to buy or sell residential properties across Milwaukee.

The company, Onpoint Home Inspections, was founded about 10 years ago by me, Kenya Conley, positively impacting and passionate about improving the state of the real estate industry. After years of working with realtors, remodelers, and builders, and as a landlord, I realized there was a huge loophole in the Milwaukee market. There wasn’t a credible, professional home inspector available.

This led to lots of investors making bad decisions and buying properties they probably shouldn’t have. To bridge this gap, I decided to make quality, professional home inspections available to everyone in the Milwaukee and its surrounding areas.

With plenty of knowledge regarding common problems that plague residential constructions, I found myself in a strong position to provide specialized inspection services.

Beyond ten years, we are still as vibrant as ever and proud to be referred to as one of the ‘the best home inspection experts’ within the region. With that, you get fast, accurate, and reliable reports of the condition of the property.

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Why we are Your Best Bet

You might wonder what makes us different. Here is why you should choose us:

  • I am nationally certified and fully licensed
  • I have 10 years of experience in the industry
  • I remain a top-rated home inspection firm that is highly recommended by residents throughout Milwaukee and beyond.
  • I am adequately trained and highly skilled
  • I utilize reliable, effective, cutting edge technology like the electronic inspection reporting system
  • I am fast, professional and reliable
  • I offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

A word from Our Founder – Kenya Conley

Construction has evolved from a time of slow progress in the 90s to a much more dynamic industry today. As a child, I used to help my grandfather with any DIY project in the house.

I had the opportunity to be right there beside my dad whenever he was on the roof or in the trenches. Gradually, I developed a desire for problem solving, which led me to the real estate industry in various capacities.

After all was said and done, I decided to become my own boss. For almost a decade I have been collaborating with property managers, home buyers, and sellers in order to provide professional home inspection services.

For me, only upward can be the motto. My desire to continually break new ground and set new industry standards is a never-ending quest.”

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